In August 2022 Next completed an investment in JUCY Group (‘JUCY’). JUCY is a leading operator of campervan and car rentals across Australia and New Zealand, providing ~1,000 campers and ~800 cars across nine locations.


Investment highlights include:

  • Leading brand focusing on the frequent travelling of the 18 to 34 age demographics
  • High levels of international recognition and established wholesale partners globally
  • Significant reach and branch network in key tourism markets across Australia and New Zealand
  • Unique IP and in depth customer knowledge due to its decades of experience in the youth campervan segment
  • Opportunity to capitalise on re-opening of COVID-19 border closures and the imminent rebound in tourism demand


Recently, JUCY has also signed binding commitment to purchase the Star RV business from the soon to be merged THL/Apollo group:

  • A fleet of relatively new, high quality campervans across Australia and New Zealand
  • Premium brand focused on a superior offering to the high spend 40+ demographic
  • New locations across Australia and New Zealand to service both JUCY and Star customers
  • Additional wholesale relationships to complete the international distribution channels

The Star transaction is expected to complete in early December and will see the combined JUCY/Star business move into the clear #2 position in the Australasian market.