Interhealthcare (IHC)

In December 2019, Next Capital completed the acquisition of Interhealthcare (“IHC”). IHC is an allied healthcare roll-up, established for the purpose of combining market leading allied health providers to create an integrated national network. The Company was established by founder and CEO Jason McMillan (a chiropractor by trade), who has successfully built a platform of high quality allied health assets across multiple locations and disciplines, with a vendor practitioner model of shared ownership which aligns incentives, and high levels of patient engagement.

Investment highlights include:

  • Strong and stable industry tailwinds given growing focus on health and illness prevention
  • Favourable government funding and private health insurance subsidies supporting allied health services
  • IHC provides the ideal platform for practitioners looking for support and growth opportunities with their needs in mind
  • Reputable management team (CEO is a chiropractor by trade) who have integration and roll-up experience
  • Incentivised vendor minority interest promotes alignment across the business and with Next Capital