Next Capital invested in a controlling stake in Enviropacific Solutions in February 2021, partnering with existing shareholders and management. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sydney, Enviropacific is a market leading environment remediation specialist. The business offers tailored engineering and applied science solutions for the prevention and treatment of solid and liquid contamination in Australia. Enviropacific also operates its own hazardous waste treatment facility, branded Solve, located in Melbourne, offering thermal desorption technology to treat hazardous waste.


Investment highlights include:

  • a market leader in the environment services sub-sectors (soil, water and hazardous waste treatment) ¬†offering smart, bespoke and cost effective solutions for complex waste treatment
  • over 400 different customer relationships across government, infrastructure, property and utilities sectors, catering for small to large sized projects
  • highly skilled team of predominantly engineering staff with proven track record led by an established and experienced management team
  • Identified a range of growth opportunities including expanding into natural adjacencies as well as further development of on-site capabilities