What We Look For

We aim to invest in companies with experienced management teams, who embrace participation by external private equity investors and have the ability to operate larger businesses. We seek investment opportunities in businesses that have a strong market position, reliable cash flows and attractive growth prospects:

  • Our principal focus is privately owned businesses undergoing change:
    • Capital and resources required to achieve growth ambitions
    • Generational change, issues between shareholders, wealth diversification
    • Owners seeking a liquidity event
    • Foreign multi-nationals looking to sell
  • We look for people that we can work with:
    • Chemistry critical for the Next partnership model to work
    • Shared objectives in relation to growth and likely exit timing
  • We target industries with profitable industry conditions and ongoing growth potential
  • We seek companies that have some form of sustainable competitive advantage

Typically, we are focused on businesses with an enterprise value of between A$50 million and A$200 million. We also have a series of proven financial partners who are available to help fund larger transactions, as required.