Next Capital Value Add

Partnering with Next Capital brings benefits that extend beyond the injection of capital:

  • The Next Capital team is large relative to the number of investments, and is both responsive and highly qualified
  • Assistance is provided to help management teams win competitive deals and protect their intellectual property
  • Next Capital has specific expertise in the areas of retail, distribution, hire, consumer goods and services, industrial services and has considerable experience across a number of other industries. This experience also includes turning around distressed businesses
  • The senior Next Executives remain intimately involved in the delivery of the agreed strategy over the investment horizon
  • The Partners have a proven track record at completing deals and use a large network of contacts to generate further opportunities
  • Next Capital has worked closely with a number of co-investment partners who can complete larger transactions on a proprietary basis and provide additional capital for follow-on investments
  • The team acts quickly to resolve operational or financial problems at investee companies


It is generally acknowledged that the benefits of a partnership with Next Capital last beyond the initial transaction. The team has extensive experience in:

  • Implementing new growth opportunities (new products, services, geographic expansion, advertising and promotion)
  • Identifying suitable acquisition targets and providing subsequent integration support
  • Re-financing debt to fund growth opportunities, support returns to shareholders, improve facility flexibility and/or reduce the cost of debt and merchant fees
  • Designing appropriate management incentive and compensation systems including employee ownership plans
  • Operating in Asian growth markets; whether it be sourcing products, establishing manufacturing facilities or market entry for Australasian branded products
  • Providing a sounding board for the CEO to discuss opportunities and issues facing the company