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Scottish Pacific:

Next Capital successfully completed an exit of half of its stake in Scottish Pacific through an IPO on the ASX in July 2016. The business was floated for a Market Value of nearly $450M, realising an upfront return of approximately 2x for its investors and management, with the potential for material additional returns through monetisation of Next Capital’s remaining 50% stake. The business is well placed to continue its strong growth given:

  • ScotPac’s leading market position in a niche segment with significant barriers to entry;
  • low-risk growth potential associated with the business’ ability to leverage strong underlying long-term demand in the core debtor finance market;
  • significant incremental growth potential associated with new products and channels in development; and
  • a very strong, experienced and incentivised management team, with a history of delivering strong year-on-year growth through economic and credit cycles.

Alpha Group


Alpha Group:

Next Capital successfully completes the majority acquisition of Alpha Group (“Alpha”).

Next Capital completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in Alpha in April 2017. Established in 2006 as a car hire business, today Alpha Group is a provider of car leases, whilst also operating synergistic car hire and car parking businesses.

Next Capital’s investment has been predicated on the following factors:

  • leading market position in a niche segment with significant barriers to entry and a strong value proposition;
  • attractive platform asset with three synergistic divisions providing a basis to generate enhanced returns to the Group;
  • significant growth prospects, with actionable opportunities to increase penetration in existing markets as well as further geographic expansion, utilising new sales channels, servicing other markets as well as scale benefits delivering cost synergies; and
  • highly experienced and proven management team.




Next Capital successfully completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in Funlab in December 2016. Funlab creates, develops and operates out-of-home entertainment and leisure venues. The Business currently services over three million customers per annum, across three concepts from 17+ locations on Australia’s eastern seaboard:

  • Strike Bowling bars: social bowling, escape rooms, laser tag, karaoke, pool and a licenced bar and kitchen;
  • Sky Zone indoor trampoline parks are operated under a franchise agreement with US franchisor; and
  • Holey Moley: Australia’s first putt putt mini-golf with full service licenced bar

The out of-home leisure and entertainment industry is benefitting from a global trend, where consumers are spending more of their disposable income on experiences and less on goods. Funlab delivers a superior offering relative to its competitors in both the bowling bar and trampoline park markets. The business’ newest offering, Holey Moley, is a new concept in Australia with no competitors to date.

Lynch Holdings


Lynch Group Holdings:

Next Capital successfully completes the majority acquisition of Lynch Group Holdings (“Lynch”).

Next Capital completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in Lynch in November 2015. Lynch is Australia’s leading integrated supplier, wholesaler and merchandiser of fresh cut flowers and potted plants. Lynch also operates flower farming and processing assets in Kunming, China as well as three farms in Australia which grow and supply specialty flower and potted products to support its range.

Lynch is Australia’s only fully integrated floral and potted plant operator. Its operations span and control all aspects of the fresh flower and potted plant value chain, which positions Lynch as the clear industry leader with strong market share in all the key markets in which it competes. Lynch is vertically integrated across sourcing (third party and internal), design and processing, distribution / merchandising and sales The core business, which services the mass market retail channel, has a leading market position which provides a strong core growth proposition and the opportunity to execute a range of domestic and international growth initiatives.

IPO of Vitaco Holdings


Next Capital successfully completed the majority exit of its investment in Vitaco through an IPO on the ASX in September 2015. The business was floated for an Enterprise Value of $332M generating a return of 3.2x for its investors and management. The business is well placed to continue its strong growth given:

  • Leading market positions with established and trusted brands like Healtheries, Nutra-Life, Aussie Bodies and Musashi
  • Exposure to attractive categories with multiple avenues for growth including continued new product development, expansion of distribution points, margin expansion through the in-sourcing of products and exposure to high growth regions like China
  • Diversified product portfolio with multiple channels to market
  • Operates a vertically integrated business model that develops, manufactures, distributes and markets its products, with capacity to support future growth
  • Highly experienced management team